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Ask me anything   a collection of film stills, music videos, art, finds and new work by Mark Escribano.

Eliot Sumner “Information” (Music Video)

Beautifully directed by Eliot Lee Hazel

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Goat “Hide from the Sun” (Official Music Video)

Directed by Sam Macon

Based on the artwork of Stacey Rozich

Art direction: Evan Ross Murphy

Director of Photography: Travis Auclair

I got to play the wicker beast thing in this!

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A few photos of lead character Imma Almourzaeva from Sam Macon’s music video shoot for the band Goat. it’s not visible in these shots, but a lot of the video’s imagery was inspired by the beautiful work of artist Stacey Rozich. Video comes out tomorrow!

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Kera and the Lesbians “Snakes”

Directed by Sinziana Velicescu & Michael Delaney

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"20,000 Days on Earth"

Doc on Nick Cave (trailer)

directed by Iain Forsyth and Jane Pollard

Thanks T.A.

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P.T. Anderson’s “Inherent Vice” trailer

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One of Eliot Lee Hazel’s series of elegant Beck promo videos.

Beck “Blackbird Chain”

Many more at

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Excerpt from “A Quiet Place In The Country” dir. Alberto Grimaldi

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The Outside Man
Dir. Deray

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Images from the Bikini movies side project.

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SEINABO SEY "HARD TIME" from casper balslev on Vimeo.

Seinabo Sey “Hard Time”

Dir. Casper Balslev

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